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Thank you for the very informative and detailed explanation. I followed this in the news, trying to understand illogical NT behavior. As much as I despised the America health care system, which until the Affordable Care Act had not treated me like a human being, I could not understand the hate towards someone who was simply playing by the rules of the game. Hate the game, not the player. The concept of reputation doesn't make sense to most Aspies. I think the most we can understand is that a bad reputation will prevents us from continuing to do what we like. It's not reckless or impulsive behavior. It's actually a fundamental inability to grasp something that is obvious to NTs. I should be "rebellious and unapologetic" because it's the type of behavior I admire and mistakenly assume that it's what everyone else also admires. We are aliens on this planet. It's quite amazing how we manage to survive in the first place.

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