A Web of FrenemiesListen now (10 min) | Chapter 10, Part 4. As Martin Shkreli’s world crumbled, friends and supporters from his past business life increasingly turned against him, adding to his mess.
Chapter 10, Part 3: Arrested DevelopmentListen now (11 min) | Martin Shkreli's George Bluth-like meddlings in his company from behind bars included driving an almost-deal with a Swiss research…
Chapter 10, Part 2: Short SellerListen now (12 min) | Before he got infamous for drug pricing, Martin Shkreli made a name for himself as an irksome short-seller. But what was so bad…
Notes on "Stockholm Syndrome"Listen now (13 min) | Some additional free commentary about a recent post in SMIRK.
Stockholm SyndromeListen now (11 min) | Even in the 21st Century, people of all genders tend to interpret power dynamics through a superficial and sexist lens.
Notes on prison love, Shkreli, and celebrity couplesListen now (13 min) | This is some additional commentary on recent SMIRK sections "Falling in Love over a Contraband Phone" and "A Shkreli in Love."
Chapter 9, Part 6: A Shkreli in LoveListen now (12 min) | It was a strictly PG romance. But there was no doubt in my mind that the sentiment was real.
Chapter 9, Part 5: The Prison VanListen now (9 min) | You can learn a lot about people, and maybe also yourself, by taking a group van ride to prison.
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