Jul 10, 2022 • 19M

Notes on The Prison Brides' Club

Stigma makes personal relationships difficult and complicated, and places a burden on you just for loving someone. Is that fair?

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Christie Smythe
My experiences uncovering the story of, and falling in love with, Martin Shkreli.
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An illustration of prison bars (by Shannon Loys)
An illustration of prison bars (by Shannon Loys)

Happy Sunday!

In a SMIRK section I published last week, I described the relationships I made with other women I met while I was visiting Martin Shkreli in prison. There is some backstory to that piece that you might find interesting — I actually wrote it back in May 2020 and was discussing the possibility of publishing it with a magazine editor. But I ultimately opted not to do that for a number of reasons.

These notes also touch on the implications of loving someone who is stigmatized. With Martin, who is known worldwide as the “Pharma Bro,” stigma is definitely a huge factor in his personal life, whether he likes it or not. But it’s also something that everyone in prison, or who has a loved one in prison, must deal with to some extent.