SMIRK (audio version)
Notes on Shkreli trial stuff

Notes on Shkreli trial stuff

These is additional commentary for paying subscribers touching on some issues raised in Chapter 7 of SMIRK, which focuses on the criminal trial against Martin Shkreli.

A lot of people ask me if Martin Shkreli got a “fair” trial. The answer to that question is complicated. Plenty of forces conspire to make trials unfair at both ends of the spectrum: both for wealthy, high-profile defendants like Martin and for the many, many Black, Brown and poor people churned through the legal system who get much less attention in the press.

These notes touch on these recent SMIRK sections:

Chapter 7, Part 1: The Right to a Fair Trial

Chapter 7, Part 2: The Bonfire of the Shkrelanities

Chapter 7, Part 4: An Avalanche of Evidence vs. a Bag of Ruffles

Thanks for reading and listening to SMIRK! More sections will be posted soon.

SMIRK (audio version)
My experiences uncovering the story of, and falling in love with, Martin Shkreli.
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